Season 3 — Preview

Photo Information

Clockwise from upper right:

• Sylvia Rivera at a gay rights demonstration in Albany, New York, 1971. Photo by Diana Davies courtesy of the New York Public Library’s Manuscripts and Archives Division.      

• Phyllis Lyon (left) and Del Martin in an undated photo (as seen in the 2003 documentary “No Secret Anymore: The Times Of Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon”).  Photo courtesy of A.F. Archive/Alamy.

• Block (left) and J. J. Belanger cheek-to-cheek in a photo booth at the PGE Exhibition, Hastings Park, Vancouver, Canada, 1953.  Photo courtesy of ONE Archives at the USC Libraries.

• Sgt. Perry Watkins near his home in Tacoma, Washington, 1983.  Photo by Steve Stewart from his book: Positive Image: A Portrait of Gay America, published in 1985 by William Morrow & Company.


Preview Notes

Making Gay History mines Eric Marcus’s 30-year-old audio archive of rare interviews to create intimate, personal portraits of both known and long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses to LGBTQ history.  In this preview we offer a taste of what’s to come in Season Three, featuring the extraordinary voices of J.J. Belanger, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, Morris Kight, Sylvia Rivera, Perry Watkins, Deborah Johnson and Zandra Rolón Amato, and Ellen DeGeneres.